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"My daughter is really excelling academically, and I really have you guys to thank for that. You always do a great job at seeing where students are at and making sure they stay challenged and engaged. I really can't thank St. Paul Early Childhood Center enough."

Kelly N., Parent

"My child has been at St. Paul Early Childhood Center  for the past two years and we already know that our two-year old will attend when she's old enough!  The school is full of beyond-devoted teachers who prioritize academics while also focusing on the social-emotional development of the children.  The teachers regularly communicate with parents and I couldn't imagine our children in a better place."

Samantha P. , ​Parent

"I can’t imagine my daughter attending school anywhere other than St. Paul Early Childhood Center.  The school provides so much more than just education, and they have exceeded my expectations in every aspect.  The teachers’ approach to learning makes it easy for children to quickly grasp concepts, the curriculum is engaging and fun for the students, and the small class size allows for each child’s needs to be met.  In addition to education, the sense of community among the parents and staff creates a welcoming and inclusive environment.  We are grateful to be a part of this school – and so will you!"

Lisa W., Parent

"St. Paul Early Childhood Center has been a blessing to our family! They truly have the whole child approach to their program. I have watched my child grow in all areas! I love the effort they put forth for a real family-feel, community oriented school. The teachers and the director go out of their way to make sure each child is nurtured and cared for. The investment of tuition is well worth the outcome. I wish they went up to 8th grade!

Joe S.​, Parent
"​First and foremost, our children feel loved and valued here. They are learning every day, not just occasionally, how important it is to be kind and the life skills to solve problems with other people. I firmly believe that emotional intelligence and social-emotional learning are the most valuable life skills we teach our children, to maintain their self esteem and the value they place on other people. We are constantly impressed with how thoroughly both of our children​ are learning the stories of their faith, along with applications to their own lives."​

Jennifer M., Parent